Fresh Tasty creme fresh door handles
deur klink cream fresh

These tasty door handles come in two variations and are hand made and casted out of high strength resin. Not only will this eye-candy give a nice grip to hold on to, it will also give your door a completely different feel and surprises everyone that sees it!

fit fitting sindle hand grip door handle
dildo klink

The door handles are designed to be easily swappable with existing door fittings. All around the world, door fittings are equipped with the same square spindle so it is possible to place Klink I /Klink II on the existing spindle.
The rosette size is slightly bigger than average rosettes so they will overlap a possible bad paintjob or surface damages underneath.  In case of a freshly bought door it will be on there in a flash!

balloon klink balloon door handle

All the items of the balloon series derive from manipulated and casted balloons. It is a way of shaping that combines an experimental approach with a surprisingly balanced result. It sprouts shapes that are bound within the materialistic possibilities of a balloon though creating a smooth and pleasant surface that feels organic and lively.


3d shape design interiour door plate

A colorful range, but still not the color you want? No problem, we also do custom colors which can vary from transparent to glitter. Please get in touch for more info!

BBC door handle klink zwart

Shine gets a new definition with this black series. The complete range is available in full black and is an amazing addition to pretty much every door.