Creme Fraiche is a Rotterdam based design label founded by me, Maarten Kok. I am specialized in creating handcrafted and limited edition products with an analog approach. It is a search for materiality and form that find there origin in expermiental and organic shaping. My design needs to be fresh, popping and inviting to touch. The best shapes are the ones that reflect something tactile and spontaneous, perfection for me tends to be boring.

With a background in graphic, as well as, product design I am a hands-on designer. When great ideas pop-up they have to be made in to practice. It is awesome not only to transform an idea into shape, it is also exciting to design the producibility and make it feasable. I do not like to outsource but rather keep all production in-house to maintain quality and prevent compromises in design and idea.

That's why all products are made, designed and shipped from our workshop in Rotterdam.

The workshop is located in a old warf just outside of the city centre of Rotterdam. It reflects the city's raw edge and practical character. It gives a lot of possibilties in collaborations and expertise, since the building is a creative breeding ground for different small businesses and artists.



Maarten Kok keilewerf schiehaven kade rotterdam