Klink II | Balloon door handle


Specific info

For something you use as often as a door handle, it's not only important to make it as beautiful as possible, it's also important it has a grip that will impress. This balloon shaped handle does this, it is casted from a uniquely mixed high strength resin and it's interchangeable with existing door handles. Available with a rosette or door plate.

The door plate 'handle-to-lock' distance is 55mm. Please make sure to measure this distance if you want to swap your existing doorhandle with this plate.

Spindle 8x8mm 110mm long, hex key and screws are included.

Klink II:
152 x 31 x 61 mm

Ø 60 x 12mm

Door plate:
183 x 45 x 15 mm

(Custom coloring optional)

Single door handle

Set door handles